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Experience Traders and Experience Admin helping you to achieve your financial goals. Kolossal Earners is Registered as a Private Limited Company with Company Number 4703882.

We are specialized in Assets Management Forex/Stocks, Real Estate and Aviation Industry, We do Trading in margins on MT4 and MT5 Platform using our Kolsy Robot.

Technical Analyst at Kolossal Earners know 90% of the exact move in Forex/Stock Market, Real Estate And Aviation industry weather the Market is Bullish or Bearish. We generate profits on both long and short trades. Join Kolossal Earners Now.

Registered Company


Forex And Stock


  • 10%Daily


    Term: 1 Day

    Minimum: $100

    Maximum: $3000

  • 15%Daily


    Term: 2 Days

    Minimum: $3000

    Maximum: $15,000

  • 40%Daily


    Term: 3 Days

    Minimum: $15,000

    Maximum: $200,000

2 Levels

Affiliate Program

Kolossal Earners has an extensive referral program, where each participant of the ecosystem has an opportunity to earn more while introducing Kolossal Earners referral program to the potential investors. The program consists of 2 levels: 5% of the profit is returned to your wallet on 1 Referral Level and 2% of the interest will get to your wallet in the 2 Referral Level

  • 5%

    1 Referral Level

  • 2%

    2 Referral Level

Real Estate And Aviation


  • 5% Daily

    Real Estate

    Term: 20 Days

    Minimum: $5000

    Maximum: $100,000

  • 8%Daily


    Term: 35 Days

    Minimum: $10,000

    Maximum: $500,000

Meet Kolsy

Meet kolsy

Kolsy analyzes the market accurately and intelligently depending on past data. He sits in the place of a trader and performs all their tasks efficiently and completely. At the end of the day, the only concern of the investor is to take his profit and transfer it to his wallet.

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From creating better customer experiences on our website to monitoring your residential space for safety, the practical possibilities of computer vision AI are endless

For 1000$ to 50000$ REFERRALS you get BONUS from 50$ to 2500$

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